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2011-05-08 13:48:20 by 23DKiller

time to get this lazy ass to work on my collab parts...
SOOOOOOOOOOO LAZY!!!!!!!!111111213423one23four
lol so i'm getting started on those so yea g2g

Fuck U Viruses!

2011-04-20 05:07:29 by 23DKiller

a virus hit my pc so i had to reformat my pc!
i lost everything!
damn it....

Progress... again

2011-04-14 18:26:36 by 23DKiller

madness spektation is going good!
it's 1 AM and i'm still awake.....
soo tired... got to stay awake....
i'll post a screeny in the morning.....
so a nomaron thanks again for at least lettin' me give you parts!
at least they know i'm in your collab! :)
you know me being in a collab is awesome cuz i can show people how a good animator i am! (or at least think so... let me know in the comments)
i don't know what i'm sayen' cuz i'm kinda tired so don't judge me lol!
oh and i drank some coffe... like 2 cups....
ok got to go.....
EDIT:Screenie Time!!!

Progress... again


2011-04-12 11:49:48 by 23DKiller

i'm in nomaron's collab and i'm really excited about it!
i'm making my own sprites for the collab so it's gonna take me some time to make 'em...
i posted this to notify nomaron and i just wanted to tell the other guys i'm in a collab :)
BTW: i wish you luck nomaron :D


2011-04-11 06:45:39 by 23DKiller

sorry i haven't posted something in a while i'm in a vacation oh and i have to admit something...
if you wanna here it comment
so anyways here is a screeny of the sprites!
i'm no giving you the screeny of the project yet.
so you like the sprites?


New Project

2011-03-14 11:24:27 by 23DKiller

after what append madness destination 2 will not be going on but i have a new project that's call madness spektation!
hopefully will be released on madness day!
EDIT: can someone make me some good guns?

new track!

2011-03-12 09:48:19 by 23DKiller

Click Here To Check It Out!

ow man...

2011-03-10 11:23:20 by 23DKiller

well there are some good news and some bad.....
well the bad news is when i cleaned my pc i accidentely deleted my toons folder with all the madness sprites and projects so all my progress has been deleted...
good news is that i am continuing madness destination 2 and making an all new character!
but now i need a good sprite sheet of myself so i'm changing my character (i'll fix the hair)
so that's it for now...
BTW: DIMB good luck on that solo project of yours!
if anyone needs somthing PM Me :D

Making Music!

2011-02-27 11:21:55 by 23DKiller

Wow I'm So Tired From All The Mixes With Virtual DJ And Making Music with FL Studio 9?
BTW: What do you thing is better FL Studio 9 or Virtual DJ 7 or Both
i'll post some pics later...

Screenie Time!

2011-02-22 10:12:30 by 23DKiller

back with a screenie!
it's extremly violent!

Screenie Time!